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Monday, May 14, 2007

The second chance...let's VOTE!

They were at Bottom 3 last nite but Praise to God they having a second chance
to persue their talents in this competition.

Let us pray for their success as to be one of Malaysian group to the FINALE
-GS INFIN and send to 39003-
Creds to : SYAI, EIZANI and PHIZY


aMMaReZo said...

hey~ u did leave comment on my blog..
bagaimanakah kamu menemui blog sy??
whoah Infinatez eh..kewl!

nadia dzai said...

Aduiii.. mmg x abes ngn In-fi-na-tez dier :p

BETTY A. said...

ammarzero: menemui blog kamu..slps melihat blog kawan kpd kawan kamu...heheh

nadia : biase la kakak, ko pon ngn liverpool ko...weih...aku gumbira pak lah sokong MU dtg msia!!! hahaha