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Thursday, July 19, 2007

One Short!

I just wanna say that I'm being a "cinema's hunter" for this whole month! Yes...almost 50% of my blog contents are about movie reviews. Mcm dah x da bende lain aku nak ckp. *Tgk la di bawah itu...dgn Ocean 13, Fantastic 4 (2x), Transformers(3x), Harry Potter* and last nite, *i think the last movie of the month. was it? lepas ni movie ape yg best weih?* was Love Is Cinta.

The movie was...OK la. Mcm movie Indo yg lain. Yg berjaya buat sy nangis, sedu...sedan....memula mcm confius pon ada tgk babak awal dia. Btw, Irwansyah hanya muncul 10 minit awal and 10 minit akhir shj. All the storylines being "controlled' by Raffi Ahmad. He's not new in the industry anyway. I'd watched several of his dramas tp tak ingat tajuk dia. Dan dlm LIC, dia berjaya bawa watak & feeling lelaki bernama Ryan (which is played by Irwansyah).

Here the best part, watching this movie, u have to put aside all your "logical thinking", "betul ke?", "ada ke benda mcm ni berlaku?" because u would be surprise with the becoming scene. *awal-awal jer la* but in the middle..perasaan itu akan jd biasa and u'll feel the flow of "Cinta". The motive is simple, "Declare your love before you regret / it's too late" something related with the "word" of the movie. If u read the synopsis, it stated tha "something happen to Ryan when he went to America" but actually dia tak naik pon flight g US. If u wanna know what's actually happened to Ryan, go watch the movie. Oh suka lagu Ada Cinta =)

p/s: I still found that Ada Apa Dgn Cinta is the best movie ever!

"Project M"

En. Defoo had started the "project M" that related to "saving your money" or "tabung perniagaan anda" yesterday. It's good u know that having someone who very care on the money parts and spend it. So, I took it as challenge. We'll see the result or how much u can get the next Wednesday. Wanna challege urself? Do join us! *semangat ni Alvin!*

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niss said...

explain skit pasal project M ni betty. huhuhu