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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Moody but Cloudy

I'm not really in a good mood. (trully!) Still I have a mood to tell how happening my Merdeka Celebration at Putrajaya and my blast weekend. Yeah...We saw the fireworks by Japan. Sharp at 12.00am. We arrived too early (thought that the pyro-fireworks will started at 10.00pm but NOT) since Nodie told me and Julie they were having separated celebration since there are Merdeka Celebration and Fireworks Competition in the same place. It was TOO early that time, 9.30pm I guess (without knowing the fireworks start at 12.00am) we had our dinner by bought foods at "pasar malam" provided and sat in the mid of Palace of Justice and..huurrmm what's the building ya? Too many families,babies, and kids...gosshh sometimes I can't stand the desire of not having kids as they're VERY active. Looks autisme. Lari sana..lari sini....rimas mak!

Cut too a short, instead of eating, gossiping is a MUST! Too bad Julie's new Nokia turned us down (ohh...she bought new Motorola V3xx the next day, trade in her RM1800 Nokia and a big "tornado" came up at the shop where she bought her Nokia when she found out the shop sold to her an AP set not a Zitron but claim it Ori Zitron. See...please be advice to survey the shops at Sg Wang before you buy any hp/pda there.- story by Nodie). Merdeka Celebration at Putrajaya was not that I expected. Bad karaoke session,no countdown and pooomm! They shoot the fireworks at 12.00am. What can I say about the fireworks? It's colourful and creative! I wondering how the pyro people doing it. The normal jammed happen at Putra after celeb, so we decided to dropped our plan from Julie's house stay up to Nodie's cyber villa.

Well, I had a great 4 days weekend with the girls and boys. Zach was in KL too and my weekend will never be completed without Old Town White Coffee with Hairul and Azim and....Nodie! (Azim get addicted to Old Town rite now). Me and Nadia had seen the Final Fireworks after being told by Hairul it's cancel but NOT! (since it was raining that time but stop at 9.30pm, Hairul's assumption made me get sulk on him. Sian bro gue.) We didn't make it to Putrajaya, mmg tak sempat so the right place to see was the nearest Perdana Lake View. At least I watched the finale and Aussie was the winner. And yeah...the month of August I closed and opened my purse with hands on Padini,Liz Clairborne,NafNaf and FCUK. Thanks God I avoid Motivi. My September opening by put on IKEA lists! The table, SNILLE chair, blinds, working lamp, dustbin and other craps something that you can resist yourself when entered IKEA kan? kan?..waitt there's more. errr.....something that am waiting from London,

Thanks..thanks... a loads of thanks to..someone from Southampton or should I say Mr.A? I just can see the pic from Nodie's. I'll get it soon! Nodie got Karen Millen yao...! (gue jeles banget!). The clutch I really needed when I hang out so I can say NO to hobo anymore. Maybe a more clutch to come. (hehe). Will be having futsal with INFs this Friday. A bit exercise before Ramadhan I guess. or I will put gym in my lists.

Hey...someone will be in front of Malaysia Men Healths Mag. Congrats Zach! You did a great start. (Aku nak suggest diaorg amik Osman Sani jd Cover Boy plak after this).I did enjoy the R&D goodies!. Thanks Zach and much love of thanks for San Francisco treatment!'s September guys (hint! hint!) *winks*winks*

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