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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


*Update with Picture

*Picture from Serena C Blog*

//Zach the one who wearing red shoes. naper jer ko silang kaki tu? Ala2 2nd Perez Hilton la konon? *laaarrriii...........*

I went to the CLEO 50 EB Knockouts last weekend. Its more to support my dear friend Zach but it turn to be a small gath between us : Me, Julie, Nadia and Ekin and the "bachelor" Zach. Its been a long time since I met them esp. Ekin who will hitch this coming August (last jumpa masa Ekin bertunang at Ipoh August last year).

A fun day we had although we have to standing still up to 3 hours for the event.

The CLEO Knockouts - TGI Lepaking Session + Gossiping - IKEA Shopping + Gossiping - Char Kuey Teow Tmn. Bunga Raya + Gossiping.

And guess what? I had my one night stand at Julie's new crib without bringing extra clothes! Mak sehelai sepinggang ok! Thank to Cik Julie kerana meminjamkan pakaian. Julie got the best calm and cool place at Villa Wangsamas. I love the 6th floor swimming pool + gym but I didn't get a chance to swim. Next time lah....*Am thinking to buy one bapak mahal for a 3 rooms condo = RM290k!*

OK...straight to the point.

Here the picture of the man whom I voted if there's a Sexy Lips Bachelor *hehe* ;-) *Ekin might agree with me LOL*

Bachelor No. 36 : Zulhusmi,24

Betty : Zach...kenapa jer ko kat atas tu mcm x der mood jer *refer to his bored face upstage*

Zach : Aku bosan lah dgn event td...

Ekin : Enjoy jer aku teka betul td gambar bibir Zach!

There's one session where the girls participated to guess the body parts of bachelors and Ekin guess it right for his lips. No-no...she not the participant. But Zach has been guess as one which have chest hair! Zach ko ada bulu dada ker?? opssss.....larrriiiiii. We watch from far....due to certain circumtances re : crossing fingers kan Nadia?

Or you guys might considering "Farouk"....

Bachelor No. 18 : Nas-T

*I bet you guys knew him already re : Ghost*

Zach : U nak tau friend ni masa kene interview bila org tanyer who's her favourite bachelor, dia ckp nama u daripada I. *when Nas-T approaching us that time*

Nas-T : *looking at me* Ouh...kalau gitu you nanti kene vote I dgn dia

Betty : Yeah....tapi I vote u lebih la......*spoiled Nadia for telling Zach*

Or...orang yang selalu mendengar Fly Fm

Bachelor No. 32 : Hafiz Hatim

Julie : Betty...cumil tak dia? Aku nak gambar ngan dia...

Betty : Cumil la...hah cepat...*Julie approaching him*

Hafiz : Nak buat muka mcm mana nih? Mcm ni ker? Boleh? *Making funny face*

Betty : Boleh laaahhhh......

Hafiz : Errr......ur name? *asking Julie*

Julie : I Julie...

Hafiz : Hi....I Hafiz *shaking hands together*

*Julie pengsan* =P

Or other Fly FM hottie....

Bachelor No. 14 : Adam Zain

Atau si gila-gila "Tajol"

Bachelor No. 22 : Wan Elyas *great smile!*

He was not at the knockouts anyway. *Nadia frustrated giler...larrriiiiiii*

The final results will out this coming 25th April so lets guess if one of them *above* win one of the category.

You might find others as well at HERE. You can straightly email them by the way!~


Anonymous said...

haaa...mekaseh betty mn for your undying support. juge clan2 yg lain2. haha.
anyway, tgk pola vote, mcm ebi je menang. sumer category dia yg plg tinggi :(

BETTY A. said...

zach anon ;P = dun worry sure CLEO being fair...takkan sume pon dia nk menang...dia x menarik pon! at least u got ur potfolio kan? =D

Nadia Dzai said...

ala.. mmg la Ebi boleh menang. fan club dier jer yg suke vote. ehehe. tape2. ade punyee..


~EkiN~ said...

alaaa zach..yg penting ko yakin jer ;)next time bley try lagik kan?
and maybe next time ko dah cool dah...takder arr mcm malu2 jer :p
newey, ebi tuh sbb dier dah mmg sedia ader fan club sendirik...takleh nak kater aper arr..aku sokong ngan betty..sure CLEO akan be fair ngan sumer org ;)

hilmi said...

apa kata zach baut fan club.Start dgn buat friendster group ke, then come out with a blog.Sure ramai nyer yg join

BETTY A. said...

ekin : tu la kan kakak? pasnih suh zach masok FEMALE 50 Gorgeous People plak..hehe =D

hilmi : u nak jd founder n admin ker? hahahaha

freakmie said...


BETTY A. said...

abg pahmie...kenapakah??? time sy suh k.alice nominated u la heheh

hilmi said...

Sy nk kene jd admin?waduh...kok byk kerja sy disini...udah kamu enggak ada disini..mau ditambah balanya..itu hanya suggestion nya shj..

Anonymous said...

hafiz hatim...haaaa...cair...heheh..mmg aku vote tok hafiz hatim is one of muh fav la z...hehehe..cumils bangat dong..n dier menari tuh...alamak aih...cair...hahahah...hafiz..hafiz..hafiz...dapat amik pic n salam pon jadilah...kui kui kui ;) - jules

BETTY A. said...

hilmi : suggest jer x syok aaa

Jules : ko tgu jer mlm final....amik la gmbr puas2 ngn dia...hahhaha

z said...

dgn aku sape plak nak amik gamba?

BETTY A. said...

zach...dun sure u'll be full of "flash" that nite ;)