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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bijou Bazaar is back!!!

Bijou Bazaar is back again!! And we : Me, Miss Nodie and Miss Jules being part of the traders or should I called seller? Tons of clothes/accessories etc to be owned. No words to describe. Just look at the poster, you'll find yourself fun and hunky there! Do join us girls! *guys are most welcomed*
For gadis-gadis bertudung out there, you'll might find chick yet fashionable Tie Rack scarves at the lower price rather you have to go to KLIA ;-)

Jeumpa D'ramo, Bangsar
31st May - 1st June (3pm till late)

**mark you calendar ;-)

Here a lil sneak preview...

Do watch out for this signs!

Yes..pool includes!

Map to Jeumpa D'ramo :

**Pictures from Bijou Bazaar

Psstttt...photographers, this is time you should put on your lens! *winks*winks*


hilmi said...

shoppping jerk....takder benda lain..

Nadia Dzai said...

encik hilmi. neh bkan kami shpping. kami menjual plak kehh.. ehehhe

Alice said...

Best ke ni cik Betty?

hilmi said...

oo ye ker.good2.muda2 dh jd enterpreneur.Nnt leh bukak MNC..barulah leh pakai LV.heheh

BETTY A. said...

nadia : yeh...kami menjual....kan kan??

k.alice : best2...ade pakaian lama/baru. kire mcm flea market la. d samping bersantai2 d tepi kolam renang..ngeeee

hilmi : LV tu tgu dr u jer...*opsss...larrikkkk*