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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Waaa.....sgt malas skrg. Sy sedang dilanda ke"malas"an yg amat tinggi tahap nya.

First, I have to move from where I sitting now. Back to my place when I 1st entered my company. I'm now "beside" my Country Manager. The floor which I could concerntrate on my work. More silent babeh.....tapi skrg nyer floor happening,bnyk mkn, bnyk jamuan. Aaaa...will miss this department!

Second, I'll having my EDP (Executive Development Programme) for bout a week starting next Monday at Renaissance KL. *yeay* far from office a while but *sigh* work load coming! I might staying at Nadia's place at Cyberjaya. But I got 2 night staying at Renaissance. Anyone join? *kidding* Most important part.....loads of food coming. Fuhhhh..........*pegang perut*

Third, the Monday of my course; my Annual Dinner Committee members decided to have our "Appreciation Dinner" at Sunway Hotel. Penghargaan setelah penat bekerja la katakan....heheh *Makan lagi...*

Fourth, next Friday, which will be my last day course, ade makan lagi. This is due to some people in office yg naik pangkat. So kali ni makan seafood plak sampai lebam since one of exec in charge ade share at one of Klang seafood restaurant. *Makan lagi...............*

and lastly, Nadia ajak pegi tgk Dayang punya birthday party kat Planet. Tak tau pegi ke tak since kalo pergi..I want to book a table. Penat la nak diri2....tapi tak tau kalau table available lg ke tak. Sape lagi pegi ini show???

Aha...that's my update.

Mlm ni ada Gossip Girl ya'll!! *Surprisingly I love Chuck Bass rather than Dan Humphrey* geezzzz...

p/s: Malaysia Mega Sale is ON! Oh...oh....Apple new 3G iPhone is coming this Friday! Should I get one?



Nadia Dzai said...

Omg, i finish all episodes Gossip Girl, so if you want to enjoy whole season, next will be fun! u're welcome babe, ade dlm laptop aku. ahaha you know you love me. xoxo~

Jommm.. nak stay hotel juge :p

BETTY A. said...

arrghh....gue mmg giler Gossip Girl so I will block Rabu mlm dr segala xtvt. heheh In ur laptop?? Harus makcik copy yer!!

U're welcome if I got just me on my own room nanti...;-)