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Friday, August 15, 2008

Jeff Timmons back again!

I didn't realize until K.Lynnz told me bout it. Still, I do remembered when he came to Malaysia 3 years ago. It was the time when I was so "gila" went to KL semata-mata nak tgk pakcik nih. K.Lynnz became my partner at Espanda. Well, the crowd that time are not more than 40 so we get to watch Jeff closely. Bermesra-mesraan. Ala-ala private show gitu!

And now he back to Malaysia brought by Traxx FM.

But I couldn't go this time. It's on Thursday night. Balik keje sudah penat maaaa....

Oh...btw, Jeff have a great voice beside Nick Lachey in 98 degrees. Suara serak-serak basah dia sedap tapi bukan serak Nubhan ok! *Opss....kenyataan panas..hahah*


Lynn said...

hahaha! won't forget it. what an experience. now tak interested dah nak jumpa dia hehe

BETTY A. said...

lynn: hahaha...same la mcm i. jumpe skali pon dh ok dh...;-P

zach said...

i supposed this guy cant make money at other places kot..