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Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Blues...~~

I had gr8 weekend at Bijou Bazaar! Met new friends there. Swapping business cards. Guess who show up at BB? Dynas and Awal ok! She got flawless skin yao! Awal as usual dress up metro. He wore white belt. I like!

Old duties...Money out (of cos out more la)

Watched The Dark Night with Nadia on Sat mid nite, habis pukul 3 lebey ok! Fantabulous! I love Joker! I love Christian Bale sexy lip (esp. with his Bat's suit and what's wrong with his voice?) but I hate the Bat's Car. Please do make a sleek and shiny car next time rather than car which look like a kereta kebal.

Went to DnP Season Clearance with Nadia (again) at Bangsar Village (Karen Millen.Dorothy Perkins,Warehouse,Principle,MIss Selfridge,Diva)

I jz got 3 necklaces from Diva and top from Miss Selfridge for my sis.

Stores in Pavi are doing FURTHER REDUCTION!

ZARA,AX,Tangs,even MBMJ (gosh..i shud buy later),CK..

peliknya...saya tiada nafsu.

I almost bought ZARA wedges (a perfect black one) last night..but looking at the queue that time, I jz put the wedges back (heck..its RM129.90 from RM329 and it fits my 37 size!).

Julie : Tak jadi beli ker?

Me : ramai. (They jz open 1 counter...ape kes?)

I had enough shopping this month.

And I should fasting in August. One month ahead from Ramadhan.

Of course fasting for shopping lah.....

Meanwhile, have you read Saiful Bukhari Blog? I don't know if it's a scam created by someone whom anti / support but you guys should read it. Esp. the people comments.

Serius bole gelak guling-guling. Kalau korang tension pon bole lega...

Still, people here are waiting whether he's gay / straight / bi. (no heart feeling)

*Gosh politics now* I'm getting sick of it.

I jz want the oil price decrease! Go Pak Lah!!

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