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Friday, September 5, 2008

Bila kapal ditawan lanun

I bet most of us already knew the news. Yes. Its two of MISC vessels been hijacked by pirates in Teluk Aden, Somalia. Somalia adalah salah satu negara termiskin selain Afrika. They seem desparate to get money. But this not first time the hijacking happened. Loads actually. Cuma kali ini, terkena our National ships. Dua pulak tu!

They hijacked MV Bunga Melati 2 and later after 10 days, its time for MV Bunga Melati 5. Both are chemical tankers whom brought palm oil. A million tonnes cost million dollars. There're Malaysians and Philipinos incl. captain in both vessels. Kesian kan?

I heard semua family gather at our HQ office nak tahu perkembangan and in the briefing, diaorg janji utk try bebaskan all tawanan dlm masa 30-40 days lagi. After rundingan selesai. Heard the pirates asked for RM 10 mil. Not a lil money btw.

As one of employee, I'm in deepest sympathy to all the crew family members. But I'm sure The Management will doing something good for sake of their employee.

For the time being, the government will not intrudes in any issues on "money".

Lets pray for the best.... ;-) Mari kita sama-sama doakan keselamatan krew-krew dan kapten yang terlibat.

Oh..btw, ships have gender you know. They are "ladies"/perempuan. Means call as "her".

Why? Tell ya later!

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kuchai said...

they were at the wrong place at the right time. Why that somali pirates have interest on MISC vessel? it just that MISC vessel serves HALAL food? huh!

*correction=MT Bunga melati 2 laden with PALM OIL & MT Bunga melati 5 laden with PYGASS.