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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Guidance

I'd done my room "spring cleaning" last night *ape kejadah buat spring cleaning weekdays mlm? weekend buat ape jer?"

and I found this at my pile of books....

Official Visitors' Guide - Melbourne in Summer!

Kebetulan kan?

I got this book from Australian Education Fair during the time when my passion to off to Aussie to be with him. And yes! I got same uni with him; however, financial is everything that time so I tend to forget 'bout it. More surprise, I should be started class during December.

I do remebered the advisor words when he gave me this book,

"By the time you reach here, it'll be summer time"

Yeah...he right was but not as a student, am as a tourist. :)

Well , a month before, he told me to search / surf the places that I wanna go but the lazy bum plus with work constraints, I got no time to find any place here and there *shopping malls/DFO/vintage stores excluded* :D

And now, I don't need to surf the net anymore!

I got a great guide with me! Weheee!

Siap dgn peta train satu Melbourne lagi..


along said...

haha, simpan tau dat guide.
pasneh along plak pinjam :P

have a great getaway@!~

BETTY A. said...

ha...bole2..kite manfaatkan guide nih...
bole gune 7 keturunan :P

Lynn said...

Yes, I pun nak pinjam jugak. Later share your experiences. I pun next planning for an Aussie trip ni :)