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Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Resolution

I bet most of us had their own target or resolution for this year. Well...2008 past with a blast, at least for me.

+ I secured my permanent job
+ Met and holiday with him

+ 2008 intro me what was Bijou Bazaar and how to be a trader which it'll be a kickstart for my own business.

That's all? I think my life went well lah! For family, him and best friends, they're always my biggest achievement forever.

Well, I hope this year will more blast than last year even though I need to be released some things which I hope it turns to be good one! *winks*winks

Saya tidak meletak harapan mahupun mengharap apa-apa. Cuma saya akan perbaiki kelemahan
dan cuba untuk memajukan diri dlm perkerjaan dan hubungan saya bersama dia. InsyaAllah.

Oh yes, the Date 01.01.09 had put one of my darling one step of her life.

Miss Nadia had engaged to her love, Azli. Congrats you guys! Of course I'm one of the "penyibuk" for the engagement. Haha.... Nadia having a similar with me on top of her relationship which is "distance relationship". Azli is the one who work at UK at the moment. Sabar yer Cik Nadia. :)

And for Zach, congrats on your M*A*S job!! OMG! Lepas aku bole kirim bnyk2 perfume and fridge magnet!! Discount for hotel pon bole kan??? Weeee....!!!

Enjoy the picture guys!

Me, Zach and Julie during the Engagement Ceremony

Sempat lg Julie jahit manik. Zach bosan la tuh.

In wedding/engage mesti ada Pak Andam kan?

Julie ni mesti nak kontrol ayu? Kan?

Nadia dan bakal mak mertua *ehem*

The hantaran

TODS bag...huuuuu

Nadia's siblings enjoy candid each other!

Sirih junjung

Gambar sendiri harus diambil. Bagus tangan ko Zach.

Azli and Nadia. Both in PINK :)

With Nadia's Family

Pose gila itu harus ada kan? :D

Me and Nadia

We are MMUians!!

I love this cake!

Picture holiday nanti dulu yer... :D


zach said...

asal muke aku skema sgt?

Nadia Dzai said...

Eheh.. haircut la z.. mcm overly meriah jer kan bile tgk gamba.. tp thanks korg dtg!!!! sgt!!

supermummy said...

eh ur mmuians? which batch are u ya?

Betty A. said...

zach : tu la..sbb blom jd pramugara terlampau kot...hehehe

nadia : nanti ko kne dtg tunang aku gak!

supermummy : batch 101 :D. u batch biler?

Betty A. said...

eyh silap....i 102 nyer batch...hehhe