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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Part 1 Dari KL ke Melbourne bole update holiday u'olss!!

Firstly I put my schedule during my trip to Melbourne..untuk berjumpa org tersayang :D

20.12.08 - Saturday - 01.00am - Departure from LCCT Sepang (after delay half an hour)
- 11.30am - Arrive at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (complete check out)
- 12.30am - Hilmi pick up. (freak out giler sbb keluar dr arrival hall takda
org jemput. Salah sy sbb tak inform delay time)
- 01.30pm - Arrive at home. Makan, mandi, rehat siap tdo sume.
- 05.00pm - Hilmi pick and we went to nearest mall, Chadstone.
First thing we do? Tgk wayang!! Citer Twilight! Haha
Shopping mall tutup awal. Kol 9.00pm gitu.

21.12.08 - Sunday - Morning till night - Tour to Great Ocean Road

22.12.08 - Monday - Hilmi working so I made myslef to Melbourne City (alone tau!).Naik public
jer, bus and train. Tak perlu risau. Melbourne people very friendly and
helpful. I do some shopping. Some ker? Hahahha

23.12.08 - Tuesday - Morning till eve - Went to Philip Island + Kangaroo Park

24.12.08 - Wednesday - Xmas eve!! Hilmi working I join Aussie people for last minute
Xmas shopping at City. Time ni best sbb all public transport incl. bus
and train had free fares. Best kan? Malaysia should do that!

25.12.08 - Thursday - Xmas day. We do tour around Melby City. Free fares all day. Best giler!
Went to Crown Plaza. Kat sini ala2 Genting. Ada kasino sumer but org
pkai tudung pon bole masuk kasino tp bukan utk gambling yer. Lalu je.
We watch movie again...The Day The Earth Stood Still. Hampeh!

26.12.08 - Friday - BOXING Day!!!!! Bangun pukul 6.00am u'ols! Story mory later!

27.12.08 - Saturday - All day went to Ballarat.

28.12.08 - Sunday - Went to Victoria Market and City Tour.

29.12.08 - Monday - 12.30pm - Back to Malaysia...sob sob :(
05.00pm - Arrive at LCCT.

Next story.......

-Nak masuk Aussie kene ada VISA!
-Seat Air Asia buat sakit belakang?
-Stewardess Air Asia tak touch up lepas bgn tdo? Lipstick siap faded lagi!!!!!


Nadia Dzai said...

More pictureeeeeeesssssss :p

Betty A. said...

bersabar yer...!

Jismin Yusoff said...

x sabar nk tgk shopping spree anda ittew. hehe.

Betty A. said...

jis..tu ada gmbr yg kne avoid tgk...hehehe