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Monday, July 20, 2009

Aaayaaaiiii Sergeant!!!

These might be your pick up for the past 6 months....

And these might made you wanna dig out your bf closet......

However, our Pop Legend (read : MJ) didn't leave us with nothing.

Yes, Balmain has reinvented the Sergeant Pepper jacket back to life!

And the best things, people are talking about MJ non-stop and now is a acid wash time!

What a good combi huh, Rihanna?


Picture from various sites in Google

**Well, its SALE around Malaysia. What do you expect me to blog?? *my hands are to mama!*

1 comment:

Lil^GriZzLe A said...

oh! pless lah. dapat kan aku AMEX satu! aku mau beli sume jaket askar dan sume booties nih. hoho.