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Sunday, April 4, 2010

2 + 2 + 2 = ENAM

Picture taken by Ms Luna Maurice

Dear MKH,

We've been together for 6th year today
It has been a long journey for us since we being apart
for more than 3 years
Across oceania from Malaysia to Australia
Facing ups and down
we were bonded with strong love and trust
And I'm glad in within a month
we will be together
as what we wished
Thank you for being my friend, best friend, a boyfriend and guardian
whenever I needed
I really appreciated for all your kindness and love

Happy 6th Anniversary :)

040404 - 040410



Lil^GriZzLe said...

Happy Anniversary! Lama siot 6thn. Kalao ada anak dah masuk tadika.

Along said...

Happy Anni to both of u!!

hilmi said...

Thanks dear...i will always payung you and keep you safe next to me as in the picture...heheh

Betty A. said...

Gha : tu mcm kejap tp dh lama rupanya!

Betty A. said...

Along : thanks Along!! ;)

Betty A. said...

Hilmi : i tau u mesti payung i dalam apa jua keadaan. Thanks for being beside me in the whole 6 years ;)

LUNA(TICK) said...

keccil keccil.

p/s: wey, mana credit kat photographer nih? boleh saman nih :P

hilmi said...

alamak...ku luper plak pada keccil keccil....thanks seth sbb sudi membakarkan skit badan ko di tgh2 panas itu demi mengambil gambar kitaorg...

LUNA(TICK) said...

erm.lazat.pujian dicampur dengan sedikit rencah sinis.

keccil keccil ajer.

Betty A. said...

seth : sudah letak credit :)
ko la si bulat pengambil gambar terbaik!

LUNA(TICK) said...

demand ke aku?haha.maaf. di era di mana maklumat boleh tersebar secara rawak dan di salahgunakan nih, kita harus tag what's ours.

well anyways, thank you. dan aku bukanlah yang terbaik.

aku cuma, emok emok. :) less than a month, u guys will be married, before we know it.sebak plak.betty jgn tinggal daku!