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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh Jovian!

Have you guys seen Jovian RTW (Ready To Wear) collection for this coming Hari Raya?
I know.....cantik kan?

As you can see, this coming Hari Raya ramai designer yang buat RTW collection,

Jovian by Jovian Mandagie - selling at First Lady and online by Zalora
20 by Rizalman - selling at Tesco
Radzuan Radziwill for ThePopLook - selling at

But I can't take my eyes on Jovian's!

Heard that it sold out within 10 minutes appeared in Zalora and ladies pulling their hair each other (kidding la..) at First Lady! They even queued up as early as 8.30am just to get the piece! Ko penah nampak orang beratur kat First Lady Jalan TAR pepagi buta.......?

I just can say, Jovian, you made "tsunami" happen with your collection! Bravo!

Let feast our eyes darling....below are my favorites

But my choice definitely no 1 and 3. The Jova (no 3) selalu sold tapi I prefer kat color dark Blur with matching orange skirt tu.....

Others that you can consider...

But heard that some collection like the first and last picture will be out in 3rd batch this coming 29th. Agak-agak sampai 5th-7th batch mau collection dia ni.

Don't worry about the size as they did from XS to XL! Please refer to below size chart (in inches)

Bila tengok size ni aku dah tergolong dalam golongan size longer S tapi bab chest tu macam terbesar plak kan. Macam confius jugak sebab tengok kat FB and instagram ramai though they bigger size macam bila beli size M, rupanya size S then have to re-sell it back.

So, best thing is pergi jer First Lady try out dulu size mana yang sesuai then kalau rasa design tu takda kat First Lady but available in Zalora, then beli from Zalora. Zalora kan cepat dan pantas!

Agree or not?

Congratulation to Jovian, Rizalman and other designers yang sudi buat this affordable RTW collection. I see certain people said they made this RTW macam dah low standard thei collection but I bet not!

Dalam keadaan ekonomi yang so-so even stabil, people tend to choose something with reliable price especially middle class macam I la kan. Nasib baik takda baju 1Malaysia hahahahha (dah kata ada kedai kain 1Malaysia kan)

Bravo to this designers!

Psssttt.........heard that more youngster designer like Zery Zamry, Hatta Dolmat will release their RTW too!

Picture taken courtesy of : Jovian Mandagie FB and Zalora Malaysia

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reena said...

I punya S besaq gilaaaa macam M or L. PFTTTT.