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Monday, June 11, 2007

Memorable time....

Semlm jmp Zach,Julie and Nadia. Thanks to cik Nodie for fetching me up at Port Klang..baru ko tau tmpt aku mcm mana....heheh

We met at KLCC. Nodie and me the first one to arrived. Hah..biarkan...kali ni Zach ngn Julie plak lambat. Tjuan utk berjumpa kali ini adalah utk membincangkan psl our long-planned holiday. The holiday would be at...hint : Bikinni,Sun Portection,Sunglass & board shorts. It's one of the island at East Coast.

After had a lunch, xtvt spt biasa...lepaking at Starbucks and I had my old time fav, Java Chip Frap...nk try Azuki tu...Zach kata x sedap...nk try Banana Java Chip, aku dah ketinggalan jz took that Java Chip Frap. Zach brought along his laptop so ape lg..menggodeh internet sambil bergossip la kan?
Suddenly i found what im searching for in Zach laptop....

pictures back-to-uni....its been a year since the picture taken during our Lil Tour at Bandar Hilir after final exam and final semester. Its a day journey...we used public transport, jalan kaki, naik bukit. From MMU - Melaka Sentral - MP- A Famosa - St Paul Hill - Stadhuys - Jonker Walk - Melaka Sentral - MMU. Sorry Nodie..ure not in the pictures..ko kan kat Cyberjaya....hehe
As now, we'll do it again....and now, its a holiday!!

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