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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sporty or Not To Sporty?

Rasanya dah lama kita tak berckp psl fashion kan? Btw, lately mmg rasa mcm nk sporty blk jer. Nodie always says " Betty...Betty...tak habis-habis dgn Adidas dia" At that moment, sy berjaya heret Nadia ke Al-Ikhsan and she bought a Nike head-band for her jogging-goal-activity. Well, I never "backstabbing" Adidas since I am 14. I never wear Nike,Puma or whatsoever sports' brands. *Am I too choosy? or groupie the brand? I dont think so...* It's just...errr...yah..yah...I have to admit that David Beckham being the brand model. I mean....gosh! With his Mohican hairdo and his status as football celebrity, he deserves all that.Ok. Fine...I really eye-ing this at the moment

Adidas Original Velour Track Top

Adidas Superstar II Adicolor White Series W5

*u can change the stripes anytime u want*
and....Eyes of the Week.....

Cerruti C-1881
*I really love the details of Swarovski crystals and the engraved "Cerruti 1881"*


nadia dzai said...

woohhoooo... aku nike. :p

BETTY A. said...

ko mmg nike,,,:P

Ana Shirin said...

yeah, let's convert everybody into the adidas-cult.. haha. speaking of which, i just bought a adidas respect M.E dunk lo sneakers ;)

BETTY A. said...

ana...u mmg ske jeles kan i!!! hahahaha