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Friday, July 27, 2007

The Project M Result - Financial Part I

Everybody seems to asked what the real thing behind The Project M by Defoo.
Ok...a lil bit revised :

It's bout the money you'd saved for every single cent you'd spent.

e.g : a) 1 tin of Coke at Kedai A = RM1.40 but since you knew that Kedai B = RM1.50 so you'll saved RM 0.10 if you buy at Kedai A.

b) from Defoo himself : He should bought a hp charger for RM70 but instead Lynn did lend her charger to Defoo so Defoo saved RM70.*tp dia blanjer K.Lynn which is less than RM70...hehe*

c) You're estimated a daily breakfast/lunch/dinner with RM20 but you just spent RM15 from budget. So you'll get RM5 for Project M.

d) Usual price for watching movie at cinema is RM11 per movie but you prefer to watch in in Wednesday (TGV) as they're giving RM6 for the day. So you'll save RM5 aite?

Ok...and here's mine *1 week estimation*


Case : Budget for daily eating habit : RM 15
Result : Im fasting so i just bought Mc D at RM10 *include tax*
Saved : RM5


Case : Budget for daily eating : RM15
Result : Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner : RM 9
Saved : RM6

Case : Cutting my new pants : usually at RM 5
Result: Cutting at Port Klang : RM3
Saved : RM2


Case : Budget for daily eating : RM15
Result : Spent RM6
Saved : RM9


Case : Budget for daily eating : RM15
Result : Starbucks : RM 15.60
Mc D Nugget : RM 3.50
Spent : RM18.10
Saved : -RM3.10


Case : Budget for daily eating : RM15
Result : Im fasting and I spent RM5
Saved : RM10


Case : Budget for daily eating : RM15
Result : Pizza hut for lunch RM8.20
no dinner
Saved : RM6.80


Case : Budget for daily eating : RM15
Result : Someone paid for my lunch and dinner :)
Saved : RM 15 *yehaa!*

Sum of saving = RM 53.80 - 3.10
= RM 50.70

and I just got an idea in how we "implement" this Project M into something useful to us? We do have our wishlists rite? read : those who are having wishlists. A jeans mayb...or a top or a shoes or even an iPOD! you could put this Project M to that "Tabung for Jeans" for example. At least you saved something for something rite? =P *talks as shopaholic*

This "Tabung for Wishlists" are apply for those who did estimated certain amount for another saving money. If you didn't estimated an amount for saving then put the Project M saving to your piggy bank :). Easy isn't it?

p/s: I'll explain where you can "grow up your money" in the next entry :)

"It's easy to spent the money but it's not easy to keep it!"


defoo said...

panjangnya...komen dulu baru baca ;)

defoo said...

Ha.. bagus idea u ni Betty. Tabung for wishlist ;) Later I'll also talk about it. Good one and I will apply it. Maybe spare some for own saving and some for the wishlist tabung...??

Lynn said...

good one, betty!

BETTY A. said...

alvin : ahaha...comment dlu br baca yer? thanks.yeah...i jz figure out. but saving is needed too..for ur future ;)

k.lynn : thanks. at least kite x yah la nk put away some fiigure utk shopping kan? jz gune duit yg kite saved...hehe