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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Counting to Convocation

I'll have my reheasal for convo tomorrow....*cuti....cuti*
yeah...pick up the robe,
testing the smart card,
observe the BIG hall,
and...may b lil gath with an old friends.

ooh...not to forget,
En. Syai will click on his SLR for my photoshoot!
Time kaseh En. Syai..

and I might back to my hometown after the reheasal..
* least i got reason to put up my speeding skills...hahaha*

To : Jaja, Noon, Yana and my long-lived housemate, Syaz and her En. Dgo....

=> Congrats for all the efforts you guys made in ancient times at Melaka! Kita berjumpa di Cyberjaya pd hari Ahad ini!


Anonymous said...

gud luck for your convocation..cheers

~ :: ~ munirah ~ :: ~ said...

kak betty chayunk! gd lucks gak! c u kat rehearsal and convo day itself k! ngee..kita dh amik robe td..jgn jeles bah....

BETTY A. said...

no name : thanks a lot! ;)

mun : congrats to u nampak kamu masa nk amik scroll...