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Monday, August 6, 2007

Si kuning Simpsons dan Si HOT Shia LeBeouf

I'm not a fan of The Simpsons series but I really enjoyed the dialouges and parts:

- Intro of 2oth Century Fox by one of cartoon character sang "Taaa..taa raaa taraaa" *melody of 2oth Century Fox*

- When Homer said in the cinema "I can't believe we're paying something we can get free on TV!! If you ask me, everybody in this theatre is a giant sucker...especially YOU!! *pointed to us..the viewer..bengong*

- Bart had been dared by Homer to skate in naked until Krusty's Bar. The "boy's part" was covered at first but seen at last!! hahahahah...*serius aku gelak nk giler!*

- Arnold replied to government's member "I was elected to lead not to read" *Ouh..a lil bit politics issue on that*

- Flinders made a yummiest hot choc with whipped cream + choc bar *I imagined its Kit Kat*+ burned marshmallow on top for Bart. Even it's in animated so off to drink Starbucks! Demmit!

- The pig!'s pink and i knew some of us might think it's cute..but due to the scene where Homer playing "kuci..kuci...", geli siut.......and hell yeah, Homer did the Spider-Pig on the ceiling? Kesian plak babi tuh.....

- The Titanic scene when Green Day playing at the polluted lake where the stage melted away..

- And the real voice of Tom Hanks fo his cartoon character...

I just read on The Star review that The Simpsons Movie was coming with the right time of our 50th Merdeka celebration. u'll watch the movie, storylines are mostly related to national and patriotisme issues and a bit of politics agenda. I guess?

It's an ordinary psychosis movie. But...the hottest guy Shia LeBeouf covered it all with his damn good playing character! Full stop.


Lynn said...

apsal review The Simpsons you cam I punya, hahaha!

BETTY A. said...

yer ker? serius? addoi....dejavu ker? ohohoh