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Monday, August 20, 2007

A late of Convo update

Hugs and kisses to :

My dear family - thanks for support me all this while...during hard time of my 4 years study.
My-"u-know-who-u-are" : We've been through too many things...loads....loads..and more will coming. Am well prepared.

My MMU friends - being beside for studying, eating, movie-ing, outing,'ll be the best memoirs i ever had in MMU.

To convo students of the day:

Jaja, Noon, Yana, K.Maz, K.Iza, Abg Azmi, Nana, Syaz, Dgo and others who knew me that am not mentioned....congrats! May future undertakings will colour your life...Amin...

Credit given for above pressies :

My family - for the lovely's PINK!! I love my family!!

Miss Nadia and Miss Ekin - the hanging teddy with roses. Mucho u guys!

Hairul the 'understood' bro and my bestie, Azim : i felt warmth for both Famous Amos hampers. You guys mmg seniman la....!!

and to En. Syaiful Redzuan for being photog. He's such a cool photographer walaupon kami menghadapi hari hujan and a gloomy cloud, dia tetap professional. Thanks a lot!

Dan utk 2 kwn perempuan dan 2 kwn lelaki di atas, jutaan terima kasih krn temankan sy utk photo session. I've no other crazy and cool friends as u guys. I'll pass the pics once I get from Syai.


Anonymous said...

Bestnyer convo...may it become one of the sweetest memory in ur life...

Jis said...

yeah cik betty. congratz congratz.

sorry la bila kamu tanya di OU, x pegi convo ke? sy jwb mcm heartless je. xde org jemput sy pon. nk tgk siapa je? nanti sy kesedihan & feeling terasa sorang2 lak kan.

tp congratz dr sy mmg ikhlas utk kamu.

BETTY A. said...

anon : was the sweetest's once!

jis :'s ok jis. thank u! ;-)