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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In search of Nurin Jazlin

The DNA belongs to Nurin Jazlin. Al-Fatihah......

It has been said that the girl who found murdered in sport's bag is Nurin Jazlin (below) based on DNA by pediatrician but yet to confirm. Read HERE


She's been missing nearly a month (since 2oth August). I saw her poster in PLUS Highway last week. Every party is increased their effort in searching her and the reward money has been raised up as to bring her home for this coming Hari Raya. Thanks God that the girl who found being murdered and put in a bag was not her anymore. (What a mean ppl right now!) As a human being, let us dedicate our prayers to her that she could be found very soon! Btw, for your info, she suffers from high blood and kidney problem. We should pray for her good.....Amin.

There's a blog dedicated to Nurin's missing.

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