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Friday, September 21, 2007

20th September 2007

It has to be 3 news on 20th September. The goodS and bad.

The GOODs :

News 1

I turned 23! Syukur....Alhamdulillah. Tuhan masih panjangkan umur saya untuk bernaung di bawah limpah dan kurniaan Nya tanpa sebarang masalah dan penyakit. 23 years living in a peaceful country of Malaysia, having such a wonderful people around me and the unexpected career developement and achievement. *Well, I never thought being hired after not-that-well-performed in study or CGPA* but...Alhamdulillah. Thanks / Mucho Gracias to :

My beloved parents : Ayah & Mak ; My luvly siblings : Sista *Thanks for the card, it arrived on time* & The Twins ; My missed OZ : You Know Who You Are ; My long-so-called-crime-darling : Nadia ; My bestie : Ekin ; My Mens Health's Cover Guy : Zach ; My Neneks : Julie ; My KL-lepak-guys : Azim and Azurin ; My dear INF's : Alvin, Ana *yeah..I got "virtual" hugs from Sydney*, K.Lynnz, K.Sou, Eizani, Pz, Abg Fahmi, Yutaka. ; Ex-MMU : Jaja, DZ, Syila, Fiza ; MMUians : Yayang's Sista, Mun, K.Ina STAD ; My long-so-called-Alpha-classmate cum Cinta Medik 2 actor : E'One *I never thought he did remember my birthday* and those who are in Friendster that I haven't see the wishes since my office connection prohibited in accessing it. And....the person who remind myself about my own birthday 2 months ago but he forgot until the eve, Hairul the "Forgotten" Bro. *Takpe...I paham but I requested a big present from you!*


News 2

The Pavilion in Bukit Bintang is officially opened! A new shopping experience in line with 5th Avenue NYC, Tokyo's Ginza and Milan taken the foot-step of BBGS (Bukit Bintang Girl School) welcoming the world-class urban shopping mall in comprising Visit Malaysia 2007. Well, do dropped some of your taste of shopping there! Have fun!

The BAD :

The mystery of a murdered girl who found in a sport's bag in PJ released. It confirmed the body belongs to Nurin Jazlin Jazimin (picture below) who missing a month ago. The respective police said that the body of Nurin is based on DNA test by pediatrician.

What happen to the world now? A cute and naive kid being murdered by those who eligible we can call "A Beast". What an innocent child who left her family in this Ramadhan and hoping to be with her celebrating this coming Hari Raya. Even the parents who can't accept the fact that the body was Nurin based on her physical but I believed we can't deny the truth of science. Science was in Islam past of century and it stated in Al-Quran the relationship between science and human created by Allah (Read Surah Yassin). May all the legal action will be taken to those who made it. Allah knew what's the best for her and may her body will rest in Peace. We shall pray that there'll be NO other kids having the same faith as her.


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