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Monday, December 31, 2007

Tasik Titiwangsa lepaking & 2008 Resolution

Yesterday......Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.


After "the postponed" message from K.Sou and called from Pz, the 9.00am gath was dragged to 3.00pm. With the sun-burning, dgn angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa and crowded people at Tasik Titiwangsa most of them heading to the spectecular Eye of Malaysia. We, the INFs were having fun with photo taking, gossiping, lepaking.

From the moment of waiting in front of public toilet..then Syai suggested we went to Eye Cafe waiting for others. Bila sume dah cukup column, maka perjalanan kami menjelajah Tasik Titiwangsa diteruskan.

We chatting beside walking around the park sambil insiden tolak-menolak berlaku *no offense*. Then eating ice-cream as K.Lynnz and Alvin having fun back to their childhood "bermain buaian", taking photos again and seating at the green hill which we describe it as "Bukit Salem" for Abg Fahmi and Andy to spotted us. Ouh..the boys sang their one of "double-single".

The end of gath happened at McD with..yeah...they sang again. *Alvin menunjukkan kegedikkan nya sekali lagi sambil memakai sweater Action Kamen!*

Ouh ya...pity to Dayat aka Yutaka who had not be informed bout our postponed plan as non of us had her hp num except Eizani yg sudah tidak sedarkan diri malam itu dan K.Sou yg rasa bersalah smpi tak tdo sbb tak tau camner nak inform Si Dayat ni. Kesian dia...but you had loads of fun with us kan? kan..? Dan...Che'gu Ana sudah kembali dr Aussie...hehe glad to met you even its 1st time Ana!

Future...New Year Resolution

2007 gave a lot of impact through my life. I got a job then jumped to another job and here I am. Well 2008 must have another impact. Will wait and see. I have no specific resolution. Just pray for sake of career and life. And maybe a lil changes to what I'm doing now...who knows. *crossing fingers*.

For the new year celebration, i will no-no for hang out. Mayb just stay at house and watching the again Ugly Betty S2 and Heroes S2 or might marathon the previous Prison Break S2 or sleeping is the best thing ever for a working person like me! Am I?

So..what's your resolution?

Wish all of you a Happy New Year 2008!!


Lynn said...

kami main buaian laa... bukan jongkang jongket ;)

BETTY A. said...

hahaha...mcm mana I x bole nak bezakan jongkang jonket dgn buaian nih??? haaadduuuu....... ;P

yutaka said...

thanks guys.. I really had fun lepak'ing with all of u.. hihihi.. they way u all usik2 & interact with each other as a very2 good n close fren, its remind me to my old buddies.. dah lame x hang out ngn diorg.. tp still x la gile2 sgt cm korg.. hahahaha.. anyway, hope leh join korg hang out lg ye..^^v

p/s: psl defoo pakai jaket action kamen tu, br sy perasan bile kak lynn bg link youtube yg inf jamming I do tu.. hihihi..patut la gelak sakan kt blkg..

BETTY A. said...

yutaka : yeah...dat time u tgh khusyuk mkn mcd. or mayb u malu nk toleh blkg...hehehe ;P *kidding*

Lynn said...

sebab tu la kami gelak. ada Ranau Boy terlepas masuk McD hahaha! lain kali jangan malu-malu, belasah je ;)

BETTY A. said...

Ranau Boy merangkap Action Kamen...I bet kalau dia g kat McD nyer playground tuh...mesti the kids serbu dia..hahha we should do it next time ckp kat Alvin..=P