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Thursday, January 3, 2008

When Minister in Vidz

2008 started with a controversy.

I bet that everybody knew about the "hot video" of our Health Minister and MCA Vice-President with his "personal pal". No..I don't want to comments the moral value of that Minister. He already dropped from his duty as Minister and resigned all of his posts in goverment and party posts.

As minister, he done his job as a matter of the resignation. Simple words : He don't want to be burden to others.

As a human, he already apologized to his family, friends and supporters and most important, they're accepted.

He's doing what I could say it's right for himself even tho it might be shame to you after what u've done in the video.

Thus, I should say that we have to aware of what are we doing and be alert of CCTV when you make a mind to stay at hotel!

I just wondering, does there's only this kind of vidz out there? C'mon guys....most of us knew it. It's NOT.

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