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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

10 months

It has been 10 months since I stepped for 2nd time in the company. Why do I called 2nd time? I've been here a year ago as trainee and now I'm one of their employee. For the last 2 days I'm busy-ing myself with The Board Meeting Report and Mid Year Executive Review *Yeah...the time that most executives waiting to evaluate and to up themselves in term of work*

The Board Meeting Report for 3rd quarter of year has nothing much with me but to evaluate myself a good employee is hard you know. What should I say in the paper? For senior who worked long time ago seems it's just a usual cycle for them but for young executive / fresh grad like me it's like a put a knife to yourself.

The target and a long term goal would be a "killer topic" among all parts in the paper. FYI, sometimes I hate to set up my goal for the next 10 years but hey...those who had goal is a forward thinking person. That's what Dato' Nazir Razak said.

Or should I put in the paper what I got 10 of not-that-kinda-retrospective months ...errr not yet are :

a) It's great to be close to the higher management. You're the 1st person who knew the internal problem or any other employee case.

b) The people like to gossip! U knew every single scandalism in the office and the hidden agenda of some employee *which we called..membodek for their future purpose*

c) Employee who said to best outside in term of work but the truth which sometimes I can called rubbish for what she done.'s SHE ok! *And now I'm the one who settling out her 2006 extended works*

d) There's people who cover up their scandalism between staff in the office!

e) It's great to work in flexible office environment. Just say "Saya nak servis kete...saya kuar kejap ehh..." or "Saya nak g pos opis..." and yeah...just go!

f) There will always makan-makan / jamuan. When a person moved..there's food. When a person birthday...there's food. When there's a course *even u're not attend it* there's food. la mak!

g) I have a great boss in the world. Sometime when he makes the "fierce" face, I know that he can be not that serious. He will understand u whatever u do but don't make he angry. Just do your job with an effective way. He's my teacher for all. And yeah...I have the best Head of Customer Service which I called HOC. She treated me with food everytime we had. "Betty..jom kuar, g bli kuih". "Betty...hari ni kete sy kene hantar service, nanti temankan sy g service kete" Gagaga.....means I'll out of office that time.

h) The best part is where you're the only junior instead of 2nd lady in the Board Meeting. You got to know the experience and present yourself in front of Board Members. =)

Towards the end of year for my career here, I'm praying good for my future development. Who knows, I might be in the international branch later. *Crossing fingers*

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