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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bz with Retro!

Waaa...lama tidak update! Bz gilos. Thanks to Cik Nodie kerana sgt concern di atas ke-tidakupde-tan blog ini. I'm sorting some things that shall done before the end of March until mid of April :

-Management works towards end of FY 07/08

-Board Meeting Report for FY 07/08

-Office Annual Dinner (Yeah...that means "shooping"!)

-Beside, I was appointed to be Sponsor Committee for Dinner

Waaa....bnyk keje nk kene buat. I did have experience in managing the Sponsor since my MMU day. So tak da masalah sgt nak communicate dgn sponsor but for company dinner, thay put a higher target. Nak itu la..nak ini la. And it's kinda relieve when the sponsor agreed to give us. Sony LCD,3 days 2 nights in Bali, Berjaya Hotel packages and lots of microwaves...hurm peti sejuk jer aku tak dpt lg.

But the most important is...apa yg nak dipakai malam itu. *uwaaa...benci ok! I hate to think on how to dressed up. Tak kisah la ape2 event sekalipun* The theme was "Retro Night". Hello...we're talking bout back to 60's and 80's. So harus lah pegi shopping kan? I'm thinking of some tunics and skinnies. But, Jezmine said that geometrical print tops is suitable for that night. I have 2 weeks before the event so got time whatttt.......

Somehow, I was thinking of below :

Pixs from Forever21

Put belt and bangles..naaahhh...jadilah Retro. I think there'll be no prob in searching the Retro theme since most of shops and outlets produced the "Back to Basic" fashion.

But I loved this the jacket, love the pants. Very 70's!

From NafNaf

Balik rumah harus bongkar scaf mak yg lama2 kan?? hehehe and dad's collection Bee Gees and The Beatles!

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Alice Point said...

Nice tuniques. But this jacket with wide leg trousers are the best! :)

Alice from Poland :)