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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Marilah mari...mari mengundi.

2 days to go before 12th Malaysia's Polling Day. I'll be back to my hometown tomorrow. Yeah..the excitement of 1st time polling still can be under control. Tho I'm quiet nervous who will be our next govern. With all the rumours and facts that some of us might received through email lately. About "behind the story" of certain parties. And of course, this would being factors that might effect and influenced voters and their mindset in choosing the leaders. Result might change, who knows. I just want to say, to our current government, don't be to comfortable with the current zone. Yes, we're on the right track but who knows, the train may be slip.

So, I bring out here..the manifesto that we shall considering for our future. *Noted : the next 5 years*


-Selamat. Aman. Makmur- For full version, click HERE

+ We being under their development and leadership as our age. We enjoyed our multi-racial country like no others in this world. We are able to go anywhere independently. *Thus, shopping is include yao!* Shall we continue the tradition? Are we need a change? or we are comfortable with the current life? THINK!

2) PAS

-Kerajaan Beramanah Adil dan Bersih. Menuju Negara Kebajikan. Full version, click HERE

+They promised that Malaysia will be an Islamic country. Making Islam and the people are the first priority. But lately, they are having "Kelab Penyokong Bukan Islam PAS" which brought the first lady-lawyer Kumutha Raman as their candidate (compete under PKR ticket). And I loved the slogan of "Menuju Negara Kebajikan". It's good to be charitable country but are we really wanna be a "Father Christmas"???. What will happen if too much money giving to those who are eligible but they have the energy to look for money likewise they being so lazy to work? THINK!

3) PKR (Parti KeADILAN Rakyat)

-Harapan Baru Untuk Malaysia. Full version, click HERE

+It developed under our ex-TPM with started of Reformasi in 1998. I never refuse that the party is having loads of professionals from Doctor to PHD. They have the ideas of development but are they able to do it? Or they just a proxy to whom reformed it to be in the next cabinet or It has to be a personal agenda then?. More likely. PKR gaved a promise of below if it happen they ruled :

*Negara Madani Untuk Semua
Mempertahankan Perpaduan, Hak Asasi dan Integriti

*Ekonomi Maju Untuk Semua
Pengagihan Samarata Menjana daya Saing Yang Tinggi

*Malaysia Yang Selamat Untuk Semua
Pasukan Polis Yang Bersih Untuk Perlindungan Rakyat

*Harga Yang Rendah Untuk Semua
Kawalan Harga Petrol dan Barangan

*Pendidikan Yang terbaik Untuk Semua
Kualiti Pendidikan Yang Tertinggi Percuma *FREE ok!*

It impressed me. With the subsidize of petrol will incresae and say no-no to high flour/cooking oil/chicken etc prices. Still, are they able to bare the cost occur? Seems the world oil prices reached USD100 rather than back to the "ex-TPM" ruled where the world oil price are 25% lower. Is that we can called more "subsidize? THINK!

4) DAP

-Malaysian First : Unity Driven Equity, Growth and Innovation. Full version, click HERE

+I kinda like the manifesto. It's so....unbearable? DAP proposed of Malaysia being a secular country. Know what was it? Find it yourself. You'll find the truth. Full stop. THINK!

By above monifesto, I believe voters will make up their mind. Just wait for result in the 8th March. It will tells everything.

In fact, my eyes are actually on these 3 person : Mukhriz Mahathir, Nurul Izzah Anwar, Khairy Jamaluddin which Datuk Abdul Kadir Jasin describe "3 orang ternama".

Till then. Selamat Mengundi!!

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