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Friday, April 25, 2008

April Thrifted

I went to Dayabumi yesterday for a meeting. Since ages, it always a "must look" or passing by Radzuan Radziwill wedding boutique as it was in front of escalator to the tower. I loved his touch on Malay's wedding kurung/kebaya *now I hearted Jovian*. No, I didn't enter his boutique but near his boutique, I found my "April Thrifted"...hehe

A beaded tote from India that cost me only RM20!!! I'm quiet pleased with this bag details. Tho I'm not a vintage fan nor unique stuffs but's only RM20. Cheaper than I thought. Hence, the lining is in fushia pink. *Matilah jatuh chenta ngan beg nih dah* Ngeee...And what I found this shop offers customer to customized your own shoes! *crossing fingers*

Yer la...selalu bab customize nih kite pegi kat designer kan? dan sure mahal punya. But this shop offered as low as RM79.90 for customizing. Korang pilih nak nak kasut mcm mana...tapak tinggi mana, pakai kain ape, everything is there! In fact, you might design your own shoes!

Now I know where can I get 2 1/2 inch fushia pink slingback peep toe! =D

Ouh btw, tonight is the finale for CLEO 50 EB. Waiting whos the lucky guy!! *winks*winks*

OMG! I almost forgot, weekend nih bnyk SALE! *drool eyes* The Metrojaya Warehouse Sale, Loreal Warehouse Sale and Bijou Bazaar at J'uempa D'Ramo Bangsar! Kirai duit u'ols!!!

And...weekend project with Cik Jules. Hint : Label


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