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Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Coach" Abilities

No...the title didn't relate with any sports' coach Or the RM 1 million (per person!) rewards that will be given by government to athlete who won Gold Medal in this coming Olympic. (What a very the membazir betul! Kata suruh rakyat berjimat-cermat siap mkn ubi kayu habiskan duit berjuta-juta bagi rewards kat atlet!. Well at most 400k enuff for them. Kan?. Kalau amik lg 600k tu bagi kat org miskin yg rumah kopak-kapik,bagi better oven/dapur or tanggung yuran anak2 diaorg, beribu-ribu org bole dpt. Nonsense!!!)

Mind my language but i'm sick with current issues involving our government lately. Sampai aku dh malas nak tgk berita. Bukak berita pon bila time nak habis jer. Tu pon sbb nak tgk berita bas accident ker, bank/kedai emas kene rompak ker, tak pon ada org mati kene bunuh. Korang perasan tak bnyk giler kes bunuh kat Malaysia skrg. Bunuh org pastu buang jer dlm hutan takpon kerat kepala/tangan segala anggota badan. Opsss...terlebih suda!


Just leave the hell government issues, lets talk bout fashion! Yeah....!!

Well....I never fancy Coach handbags esp. their signature types, due to there're so many fake in the market. Ko pegi Petaling street, Danau Kota, Uptown, Downtown sumer ada! I bet if you're holding the signature handbag, ppl see it as a fake one. Bencikan?

But...their current Bleecker collections really catched my eyes. * I want..I want!*

I took my current needs + the lust + money can buy as my favoritas.

1. Coach Bleecker leather Mini Skinny

This little one had my attention to put business card and credit cards. Though it more to keyfob but for person want to seperate their other cards would love this.

2. Signature Stripe Capacity WristletWalaupon sy ckp sy tak suka Singature Collection tapi utk wristlet, dikecualikan. Coach known as their symmetrical "C" sign. Saper reti tgk, the "C" signature adalah symmetry utk most Coach Signature handbags unless their Holiday type (hanya menyebut bebrapa jenis). I love the turnlock details. Senang jer bukak. It's easy for those who want to leave their handbag and bring small money to lunch/mall. Of course white is my color!

and lastly..of course you need handbag to put all above things kan? So I got....

3. Bleecker Leather Woven Pocket Hobo

Its definitely my choice for handbag! Its simple, elegant yet you can wear it in casual. I chose it due to my office environment plus, I could wear it in any occasion.

This are just my choices, you could have yours too. So no harm/heart feeling when I post this topic. When I posted things like this, it doesn't mean I will buy the stuffs. It's only an idea for part of our life cycle. Hence, I'm controlling myself from shopping/avoid malls for future saving ;-)




*kot-kot minyak naik lagi kan*

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uJie said...

saya setuju!! rasa muak untuk tengok berita lagi..jom dok kat bulan! hehe

cantiknye handbag2 tu..kapan ya mau beli sebijik?? hehe :D

BETTY A. said...

k.ujie: btol2....berita skrg asyik ulang bende yg sama jer. hohooh...

nk bli kne kumpul duit dlu....hehehhe ;-)