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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm tired and I need long holiday...

I did wanna make a summer hot picks (bikinis!) post but the "mood" was not there. I'm tired with works and my daily routines. Entering office at 8.00am and back at 5.30pm. That's my recycle routines. Boring kan? And I've been busy every weekend until I never slept at my own bed (here in Klang) for bout 3 weeks! Padahal bukan ada apa pon. And I had missed Infinatez Paparazzi Singles launching. *Sorry guys* but congrats for making the album real!

My bf had finished his last exam for last semester. *How joyful he is!* Mayb you can help me for some shopping items at your nearest DFOs. That's after exam "assignment" hehe. And I think I need a holiday...a long holiday!

When I said long...then it's gonna be the long one. I've to reschedule my leave now.

And.......Aussie might be the first place to go! ;-) *winks*winks

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