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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dari Meja VP Education Petronas...

From: Rosti B Saruwono - Datuk Dr (VP_Edu/PETH) Sent: Thursday, 12 June, 2008 15:40To: hasan syed; Dr Mariyamni Bt Awang (ACADEMIC/UTP)Cc: Johari Haji Surin; Ainan Marzuki Abdul Malek; Ambok Chening Meri; Dato' Dr Sheikh Omar; Dr Amir Farid Isahak; Dr Hashim Mohd Tahir; Dr Hussin Z. A.; Dr Mohd Mahir; Fadzlullah Yahya; Ir Azman Omar; Masari AlisionSubject: RE: The Hardest Thing To Say To Someone

Do what you like.

The price of gasoline at the petrol station is set by the Government, not PETRONAS.
PETRONAS has done its patriotic duty by paying the dividends, royalties, corporate tax, petroleum tax etc to the Government for YOUR benefit (rakyat lah).

And bear in mind that 30% of its revenue comes from overseas operations, thus bringing in foreign exchange to the country.

OK. Assuming that you buy this idea proposed by whoever it was.

So PETRONAS will have reduced revenues. Bear in mind that the costs of operations are also increasing. So the profits are reduced. Then PETRONAS and other oil companies pay less taxes.

Then the Government will have less revenue. (Note: at least 40% of Government revenue for 2007 came from the oil industry). With less revenue, there will be less Government projects (you can then forget about bridges and highways, and rail tracks, and smart schools and not-so-smart universities, and hospitals, etc). So contractors and consultants, and con-sultans and con-cronies will cry and scream. Makan batu lah..

The Government has already announced freezing of recruitment. So, many new graduates will be unemployed. Makan batu lagi. Maggi mee pun tak mampu dah.
Later, all sorts of allowances for civil servants will have to be withdrawn. Treasury tak cukup duit.

On top of that the oil industry may have to scale back many of its new investments, totaling about 45 billion ringgit over the next few years. Contractors, service providers, steel fabricators, maritime service providers etc will join the ratapan tangisan – no jobs.

Don’t forget that PETRONAS is sponsoring thousands of students in universities and even high schools – at any one time there are more than 4,500 university students being sponsored by PETRONAS in Malaysian universities and overseas. Also more than 2,000 high school children receive minor scholarships – children of poor families.
Kalau PERTRONAS tak ada duit, kesian lah mereka di atas tu. Shall I ask them to see the proposer of this idea (to boycott PETRONAS) and seek help from them instead?

So, it is to YOUR benefit that you make sure PETRONAS keeps making enough money to support YOUR Government so that your children can continue to go to school without paying for fees and books, and to go to universities at peanuts rates.

CONCLUSION: Help yourself and your family and your country by making sure that PETRONAS keeps making profits. Go to the nearest PETRONAS station and fill up now!!
Don’t forget that if you go to non-Petronas station, the profits that these companies get will go their shareholders OVERSEAS.

So, be patriotic. Do your duty. Go to PETRONAS!!

(I hope you guys will help to send this response to as many contacts as possible to counter this subversive proposal).


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Nadia Dzai said...

ahaha, nie mesti reply balik sbb ade kempen boikot petronas nieh. tp kan. aku nie, isi yg mane dekat jer la kot.

tp selalunye BHP, tibe2 jer. ahaha

BETTY A. said...

nadia : ha..tu la..lepas aku post email nih, last night Tan Sri Hassan Merican dah explain sumer. Petronas tak salah sbb dia dh bg komisen 40% kat gvmt.

ko plg dkt Petronas la kan? kan? kan? heheheh

Nadia Dzai said...

tapi.. aku tetap x berape suke petronas neih, ahha. x tau nape.