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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not That Sentimental

How do you feel / what would you do if ur BF got a teddy bear from other woman?

1) You'll get really mad
2) Why oh why she gave my BF a big teddy bear?
3) Act like nothing happen

I don't really know bout how symbolic in every pressie we gave to a person but much I can tell the different between giving a teddy bear to a guy for his convocation and just a card?

May anyone tell me?

I accept that one of my best friend said it's just a "hiasan perhubungan". So just ignore it or she said I might would like to "pijak-pijak that teddy bear" when I get there. Aku tak la sekejam itu ok! See...I'm so tak kisah! I'm one of most good/sporting/nice GF in the whole wide world!!

It's good to have an honest BF like you Dear; however, do tell your gal pal if it's happen that I'm married to you, that teddy will not having it place in the house!!!!

You get me?? *ni dh ada aura psycho*

Oh...right at the moment I'm writing his blog, suddenly my boss give me a Nasi Lemak. How understand he is that my "weather" not that sunny! Thanks Boss! Arini satu hari aku akan mkn free...ahhahah

And..aha...CLUB 21 (AX, Emporio Armani, CK, Calvin Klein) will be having SALE this weekend at Bangsar Villang 2, Level 3. I guess this the best time to "pampered" myself after what I've been through last night.

Now, I can't hear that words "teddy bear" anymore. In fact, I must say my cruel heart saying I should hate any teddy figure!



Nadia Dzai said...

aih... true2. u're the most sporting gf ever. me, not.

So about that teddy, if me. myself. I wouldn't consider it as a gift from 'a friend'. stakat wish je x leh ker?

Aku pon pasti jer mengamuk. ahahha.. teruk tak.

saba eh darling. ;)

BETTY A. said...

nadia : yer..aku sdg bersabar. Though i'm not blaming him la kan. Dia tak salah pon. He never wish to have that...haaaizzz....