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Monday, November 3, 2008

Movie : High School Musical 3 : Senior Year

I love this movie! Love it! Love it!
Watched with Nadia on Saturday.

Feel sad sbb the movie dah habis series.
Well..of cos, they're not that High School students as each of them above 21 y.o.
It just I love how Troy and Gabriella expressed their feeling towards each other.

Dah bf-gf berlakon, confirm la feeling tu ada time lakonkan watak masing2.

But the character I adore most was Ryan Evans, the "bubbly" coreographer.

And the song was better than previous. I should grab the soundtrack I guess. :)

Oh...the CLUB 21 SALE is "wowed"! They really off up to 90%.

We should go again girls!! I year la.
grrr....I must save form now on!


cek^sou! said...

arghhh tak tgk lagiiii... tak ade maseeeeeeeeeeeee and geng

BETTY A. said...

la...yer ker? marilah kite membuat rombongan nk tgk laggggiiiiiiiiiii............ :D