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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Visiting MV Bunga Teratai 2

I just came back from visiting one of MISC vessel Bunga Teratai 2 at Northport. Fuuh...lately ni kinda hot day. Panas oo...Since, I don't important task to be settled so I went to look after the crews and ship. Since New Year coming, we need to send all MISC calender to our worldwide agents. Of cos this way are much more cheaper lah! Free la naik vessel sendiri ;P

This ship will load at Singapore before she continues the journey to Dammam - Karachi - Nahava Sheva - Kuwait. I did mention that a ship called / named as "she" Why? Here the part of explanation why we called ship is "She" not "He" :

Husbanding - Ship is like a woman. She needs a "husband" to take care of her. On ship husbanding part, once they anchored at port, crews will do the husbading part lah! As woman, we need to be pampered by our husband kan? Ship pon nak la jugak. Dibersihkan, bagi makan (isi minyak), service (aha.!).

And one more, woman need a guy/husband to guide them. That's also apply on ship. She has a captain who guide her in wherever she goes. :) That's one of basic knowledge why a ship called "She" - a lady/woman.

So here a lil picture that I managed to snap : *Patutnya tak bole* sib baik aku tak bwk SLR ke hape. I just used my phone cam. Next time gue bawak camera betul! hahhaha

Bunga Teratai 2
"Burtuqol" Juice :)

Join with Mango

Crane in Northport

One of container loading to the vessel

MISC Reefer container
Reefer container used to put frozen cargo *mcm peti ais lah!*

The lorry in front load/took garbage from vessel. Sampah-sarap kapal bila loading buang kat lorry then lorry akan buang kat tempat sampah.

One of control room

Cabin crew recreational room *just tgk tv n relaks*
Main ping pong lain bilik yer!

The alley

See..there're two ship waiting to be anchored

For control and safety plan *haiyoo berserabut nak paham*

There're 7 decks. Penat oo kalau sampai atas

The gangway (stairs) *quite challenging gak nak naik turun*

Ouh..actually nak naik vessel nih kene pakai flat shoes but this Betty was really degil without brought any flat shoes telah memakai 3 setengah inci high heels to climb the gangway. One of my staff terkejut that I can climbed the gangway with that heels. :P

Staff : Mana bole pakai kasut tumit tinggi nak naik gangway. Nanti jatuh dlm laut susah plak.

Me : Bole punyer. Kalau crew tak bagi saya kakai ayam jer nanti

Staff : *diam*

I also meet the captain, Captain Lim at his room. Best giler bilik dia. His room attached with his office with tv, refrigerator, PS2, DVD VCD player and lounge room / sofa. Captain room la kan? And the captain was handsome too tp sudah tua maaa...

Hey did I mention that most MISC's captains and engineers are handsome guy? Aku tak tau la napa tp most captain yg aku jumpe sume handsome2 belaka! Even if they getting old you know. Haha...serius, korang naik kapal, tros nampak org yg handsome dan comel termasuk la Cheif Steward (yerp kapal pon ada steward juga yer) dan juga tukang masak! Hahah...cuci mata la kejap *jangan marah eyh sayang* yg rasa nak naik kapal lg nih. Hahahhaha.....!


along said...


gile experience u have here.
some of the bini engineers pun blum tentu dpt masuk lagi tempat² ni.

dah kenape aku yg sedeh?

Nadia Dzai said...

menarik2... ehehehe.

BETTY A. said...

along : btw, bini engineer kanan bole naik kapal yer. in fact, diaorg siap bwk bini lg ikut dioarg g belayar tp kne ikut kuota im not mistaken. jln2 free oo...

i know why u sedey! plzzz....jgn sedey k. yg berlalu biar berlalu. ;)

nadia: yer mmg sgt menarik ok!

hilmi said...

Amboi2...bkn main cuci mata yerkkk..takper2...sini pun dh nak masuk musim i dont have to go a ship utk tgk awekz2, just need to walk by the street jerk or jog along with them at the park...yeah2...

BETTY A. said...

mmg la...u tepi jalan dh bole cuci mata syg oii...esp when summer is coming....ggrrrr........

Viexoravogue said...

erm..erm..nak ikut!!! bawak laa i gi naik kapal..leh cekup satu jadi bf i..



wah bestnya

BETTY A. said...

nadia nasir : ehem..ehem..u bkn ade bf ker? bole ke main cekup2 jer? heheheh lawak la u nih...

crazy beautiful : salam...best2 heheh :p thanks for dropping ;)