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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shopaholic Confession #1

I seldomly confessed my obsession into shopping. The difference between me and Becky Bloomwood is she had 12 credit cards while errrr....I got less than that. ;p But what you need to know, you must pay it on time or you'll be charged with the finance charges.

I had my first job as Personal Financial Advisor at CIMB Bank. Advised people on how to manage their money, save their money and invest for future but when I look back how bad I am in term of managing my money, I knew that I don't deserve that job at all.

That's why I quitted. And now I need someone; a PFA for me. I guess. Haha

Naahh....forget about the "money management" thingy. guys heard the Malaysia Mega Sale rang their bell on 4th July? And they're up to 31st August. Kalau dapat gaji tu sempat la dua kali shopping....

Well, I had my picks for this month. It's SALE darling and you cannot resist! Trust me when you see the 50%-70% or 80% sign.

1. FCUK Fur Cardigan. (Its 80%, so I bought 2.)
2. MNG Chiffon Sleveless Top (Bought in Genting Factory Outlet. Steal!)
3. MAC Gel Eyeliner + Brush (Need something waterproof for eyes. Trust me, this would take a year to finish. Jimat kan??)
4. L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm (Last bought a year ago. Best lip balm ever)
5. Bio-Essence 24k Gold Anti-Dark Circle (I had a serious dark circle and I have no idea which I product the best. Any recommendations???)
6. Rimmel London Magnif'eyes (Its 50% off. Aku pon nak mcm Kate Moss gak)
7. MNG Braided Belt (50% off)

The FCUK Cardigan made from 50% Rabbit Hair. I did realize it during try out tapi tak da la nak amik peduli sangat. Coz everytime I bought something, I'll read the label/made from. Kadang-kadang baju bapak mahal tapi Made in China je kan. Zach the one who taught me that. Dia suka selak-selak label kalau shopping.

Until I reached home, saw the tag again and there goes... a guilty feeling! Kesian ke kat arnab tu. But I'm sure they kill/slaughter it for meat kan? ala.....korang penah nampak kan burger arnab?? So daging buat burger, bulu diaorg amik buat baju. But its not 100% fur, so I won't be charge by PETA. Heh!

However, my fav pick of the month,

The braided belt from MNG. Since I bought the cardigan first, so I think it suits each other. I love the braided details made from cotton with blue/white/red mixing. And heyyy...its 50%. That's important!

Randomly conversation :

Friend : Betty....ada sale UCB (United Color of Benetton) kat Bangsar Village. You tak nak pegi??
Me : Naaah....I rasa enuff for this month (July). Lagipon I tak minat UCB.
Friend : What?? You mean there's another next month (August)???
Me : We'll kan 2 bulan.
Friend : Pompuan....pompuan........(mengeluh panjang).

Dah nama pon perempuan kan? Tapi aku masih tidak boleh kalahkan Julie lagi laaa.....The Shopping Godmother! Hahhahah


zach said...

the reason being fashion houses jimat mills of dollars by buat kilang2 kat asia and hey, they all bayar those yang keje kat kilang china tu sehari semangkuk bubur je.

where is the love? it is so unfair

Betty A. said...

zach : yerp..u're right!! then they selling to us with higher price..! better shopping bandung...hahah

reena said...

Cantik! :)

jules da shopaholic said...

my dear bet...aku dah lamer tak soping nih....n plus haf to save up for my april vacation...cant wait...sabar julie saba ;)

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

that belt sangatttttt gorgeous....!!!
the colour n all...sangat chic ok!

p/s : request sket posing w it :D

Betty A. said...

reena : thanks!! ;)

jules : tak pe nek..bersabar...aku tau ko akan meroyan ejr g sana nanti...kekeke

verde : yes...murah jer babe...RM39. kebetulan sama dgn baju n sweater i bli...

nk posing pkai bj tu skrg tgh musim "hot-hot" kan....tgu sejuk sket hehheeh