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Friday, September 4, 2009

Too Much Too Talk

Ok. There're many thing I wanna update. Bnyk tapi tidak la terdaya. Of cos the best word PEMALAS la kan.

Dah kurang nak menjelajah blog orang until suddenly saw this.....

Kalau tak nampak boleh besarkan.

I knew this girl from her previous myspace shop. Feels like wanna steal her brain. She's so creative creating her own t-shirt line, Devotee by Millie. Then I saw her selling the t-shirt at Bijou Baazar back in J'eumpa D'ramo Bangsar. At that time, dia tak da kat kedai, her sis jaga. But I spotted her design! Now she pursuing her future in UK.

And every month, she will make this some kind of fashion haul video about her buys. Once, I'd requested for Boyfy Blazer trend in UK. And she included in this month vidz.

I nama aku ke? We never meet each other (online buddy) but she did mention and remind me for the request I made long time ago. heheh...thanks Babe!!! I suka blazer u..!!

Ni yg buat I rasa nak pegi UK coz the price very cheapo (kalau convert tu mahal la kan but still cheap kot).

Neway Millie, thanks for remind me again. Yes, I did find my "boyfy blazer" without any cost! Haha...

This why we called "you never know there's always a treasure in your closet". I found my old blazer or I say my first blazer I bought when I started my 2nd job. It's a M size. But since I'm getting "smaller" cewah..budget kurus tp lagi kurus Along Undefine Me la! I'm wearing S now!!

I wore this during my sis konvo. Yer la, nak masuk dewan kene pkai rasmi kan. Nak pkai baju kurung punya la malas so I opt for other alternative....this blazer saviour of the day!!! yeay! Tak kene keluar duit utk pkai satu hari. ahaksss

*Hey, I'm trying not be membazir k*

*Mine, I curik pose u kejap*

Wearing : Blazer (PADINI), Black Jeans (MNG), Lace Top (British India), Scarf (tie Rack from The Cinta Boutique), Heels (Super Rolling).

Congrats to my sis, Gha for her Degree convo!! Pon tak keje IT like me. She been hired by Malaysia Top Investment Bank during her 3 weeks at home! Cepat giler tak sempat rehat-rehat.

Those who want to know more about Millie, you can go to her blog.

Her new products for babies catched my eyes!! If I ada baby sure I dah tempah dgn u babe ;(. She doing a handmade baby romper guys!!! Best thing you could ask your custom made picture. Best tau!! Ibu-ibu yg mana ada babies harus tempah!!

Eh...kata tak da benda nak blog tp panjang jugak kan?? Hahahhaha...

Ok la. Tata.

This Isnin cuti bagi orang Selangor..KL tak masuk yer... ;p


Lil^GriZzLe A said...

tengkiu include my name. eheh.

itulah, tak menyempat nak rehat.sila hadiahkan saya pakej percutian beserta urutan boleh :P

tak aci, Kl kalo cuti emsti Thaipusam ke apa ke. cheh.

Along said...

haha, terkejut nama terselit situ!

cantik sgt u pakai dat blazer, now im inspired to wear one too!

any tips where i can find one?

*in the mean time,i'm off to yuna's shop*

Betty A. said...

gha : eh..hadiah kovo x bg lg...nanti yer raya... ;p

along : topshop bnyk, btw bnyk dh jual skrg. kat mana2 ada. nk pegi jetfuel jugaaakkk!! nanti update ape ada kat sana k....

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