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Friday, October 30, 2009

L'oreal Warehouse Sale

It's tommorrow darling!!!!

Will be going there to check out any make up and perfume ;)
So far, this is a great sale as I've been there more than 3 times. Totally worth it i tell u...

But I'll be a personal shopper this year. ;)
Ni la kerjaya baru I u'ols!


stellarvixen said...

hola dear,
anything you letting go from the crazy sales?
i'm keen on SHU cleansing oil :)

Nadia Dzai said...

Sooo apa yg beli? sila tunjuk! :)

glownana said...

laa dah lepas! aiseh.

Betty A. said...

stella : sorry dear....nothing to let go ;( mayb next time ya!!!

nadia : sudaaaahhhh sila tgk next entry!! hahahha

nana : terlambat...heheh