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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bye Bye Nenek Julie

Nearly end of last month, geng kami ada buat farewell untuk one ouf our member, Julie.
She's now flying for good to Dublin :)
Wah buat farewell macam suka org pegi kan?

Eh..btw, we have our own name, geng MOJ.
MOJ tu ape? "Mak On Je"
Coz we usually talk in Whatsapp and plan to meet here and there.
So everyone will like.."ok...cun...on je" 
Then I named it Geng MOJ!

Talk about Julie, I've known her for the past 10 years during my study kat MMU.
she's one of my senioar masa I masuk rumah B-04-04 kat Emerald Park.
*budak MMU Melaka tu tau la Emerald park tu apa*

We had our farewell lunch at Ole-Ole Bali, Solaris Mont Kiara.
But ada another side story behind the confirmation of location.
Initially kami plan kat Ole Ole Bali, Empire but last minute takut jam sebab Bersih,
I la yang tukar to Solaris Mont Kiara.
beside Solaris Mont Kiara macam cozy tak la sesak sangat.

But turn out I lupa inform Si Julie!
Orang yang diraikan tak dapat correct information.
After most of us gathered kat Solaris, she othe way to Empire.
Sib baik hubby Sarah perasan coz she wrote on FB
"Going to Empire to meet besties"
Thanks to FB kan?

Damn youh Betty!
Yg best, Aaron who was same car with Julie bole buat derk je
Padahal he's also in Whatsapp communication.

Sah communication breakdown.

One more, Zai honoured to belanja kami coz she got loads thousand bonus from Astro
Apa lg...sesi "mencaras" duit Zai la kan.

10 years friendship B-04-04

The hubsters (kecuali mamat pakai baju merah) LOL

Wearing :

OBB Custom Made Skirt from my Raya collection
Sportsgirl Australia Scarf
Nine West wedges

The next 1st May was the day Julie left us :(
Again, I lost another shopping partner, lepas Nadia.
Hoping for the best on her in Dublin

And 2 days after.......

 I know she more that better! Hahah

Take care Nek. Miss ya!

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jules said...

mek..mish u.. ;)