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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trick and Treat : Pizza Bruchetta

Previously as a working mom (now SAHM), I always arrived at home nearly at 8pm.
Penat jangan cakap, apa lagi pas tu ank siapkan dinner and thanks to Gardenia for their genius creation,

Gardenia Bruchetta!

So here's a little "Trick and Treat" for you dinner snack :) - PIZZA BRUCHETTA


What you need :
Gardenia Bruchetta (with 3 of your choice) - I preferred Bonjour or Passione Italiana
Prego Classic / Mushroom Bolognese Sauce
Chicken ham or beef salami
Button mushroon
Capcicum (green or red or yellow)
Parmesan or Mozarella cheese
A chilli (small slices)

What you do :
1. Slice chicken ham / beef salami / mushroom / capcicum
2. Place Gardenia Bruchetta on bake pan
3. Spread a tea spoon of Prego Bolognese Sauce into Gardenia Bruchetta
4. Put chicken ham / salami, mushroom, capcicum on top of bruchetta
5. Put some bolognese sauce, just little right after capcicum placed
6. Add Parmesan / mozarella cheese
7. Add some chilli
8. Baked in oven about 10 mins (you may bake in frying pan by place bruchetta in aluminum foil the close the lid during baking)


For kids snack, use salmon or chicken instead of chicken ham since ham not that good for kids.
For seafood lover, blend prawn or crab meat. I'm sure you'll love it!

For more Gardenia Bruchetta recipe, please click HERE

Selamat mecuba!

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