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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Silly Conversation

Y'all know sometime marriage had an interesting time. Hubby and I been married for 2 years and 6 months and we've been knowing each other for like 8 years. Even though that long, we do have our "conversation time". Gaduh sikit-sikit biasa la....gaduh banyak pon kadang-kadang. Well, marriage are about live and learn and at one most time silly conversation included especially when we going out or travelling.

"Dah habis packing?"


"You tak siap lagi? I rasa lepas I habis mandi pon mesti tak siap lagi"

"Aiiyyoo...just mandi la....nanti I siap la"

15 minutes later,

"Haaa.....kan betul. I dah habis mandi you still tak siap-siap...tssskk"

"Eh......I have to packing baju kita, baju Faatih, bakul Faatih siapakan susu sume, make up lagi. You mandi and pakai baju jer"

"Eh.....I lagi la nak kena check kereta, start engine, bukak pagar, loading lagi"

Geeeezzzz............we are equally now.

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