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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Heaven in Ramadhan

I was tagged by Yutaka to display my Desktop Theme. But errr not so so surprising, i used this....

plain and simple isn't it?'s my office desktop. I don't think I'll put Shia LeBeouf on top of it kan..kan? See that Chuzzle Deluxe? Yeah...I got game in my office PC!


What can I say? Bulan Ramadhan bulan yg mulia untuk kita sujud dan beribadah kepadaNya. Bulan yang mengandungi malam lebih baik daripada seribu bulan.

But...when it comes to breaking our fast. Korang jadi bernafsu, btol tak? I can say that my last week with "full of food". Loads. I'd put my lust-iest on food at :

-Concorde S.Alam with colleagues and bosses

-Renaissance KL with KL colleagues

-JW Marriot with Hairul and Azim *Thanks bro for my birthday treatment ;-)* JW Marriot having 108 cuisines and I don't think I even get 15 of it =P

-McD Jln. Ampang with INFs. INFINATEZ joined us since they was having 2 hrs break from Remy.

-The Manhattan Fish Market, Alamanda with Nadia and Julie. *We almost had at The Coast since they're having RM33 nett buffet but it was loaded with people and FULL!*

and last night at Klang Executive Club with some colleagues and customers.

So should I say Ramadhan is like a heaven in terms of foods since you cannot find some kuih / nasi / ikan bakar in other day. Tapi....puasa tu puasa jugak, ibadah jgn dilupa. =)

p/s: Awaiting to try at San Fran Stick House and..ya..The Coast!


niss si gadis salsa. said...

cik betty, re-link saya.


BETTY A. said...

ouh..sudah tukar link ka? baiklah...heheh