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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to School

What's on with "Back to School" status?

Well, there're 2 things going on.

The first is my "man" safely back to his "school", where he belongs to, Aussie after 3-months holiday. Rasa mcm kejap je..huhuh. Still I felt that he just back to Malaysia yesterday. I took a long break since CNY until he flew on Monday night. Both families there. Great for us. They seem nice being and talk each other. At least the "GREEN" light become more GREEN. =)

Wish you the biggest gud luck for you my Dear. Jgn nanti bln 6 you buat surprise muncul kat ofis lg yer.'s good what. Kan? Don't worry, I'll find the way to go there. As soon. Haha....

Second, I'm pretty sure most of us heard 'bout the biggest hitz boyband during our pre-school time will having their performance at Malaysia. The Backstreet Boys are coming!! Hoyeeahh...Mak tak kisah Kevin takde, sbb mak suke Brian jer. Ada org tu, siap letak AJ nyer nama kat email dia pon tak mo p, dia kata dah tak "in" boyband2 nih. *Matilah.Lariiii...*

Me and Nadia will up for the performance at Sunway Surf Bay Theme Park on 27th February. Ticket will be at RM88 per person. Even tho it's a working day for us, tp sekali-sekala apa salahnya kan? I heard the tickets selling fast. Mcm pisang panas.

So for those boyband fans..err..BSB fans who like to revise our memoirs, jom kita sama-sama nyanyi "Backstreet back alright!!"

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