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Friday, February 15, 2008

Pilihan Raya ke-12 Malaysia

Everyone knew about it (I bet!) and waiting for it (I guess?). Parliament has been dissolved on our PM's fav no : 13th February. And each party being given 2 weeks for campaign. The Big day of GE (General Election) will be on 8th March 2008 right after the nomination on 5th.

I'll not involving myself in the campaign since I'm in Klang and my polling session at my hometown. I already knew who I'm choosing. Been living and raised in Malaysia made me so much praise and grateful with all the development and support from government. Still, I enjoy myself with all the rules and resolution in term of dressing and entertainment. We're free to go anywhere here, in Malaysia.

Those who already knowing me all this time would know which side I was. Walaupon sy bukan peraih undi mahupun tukang pasang bedera tetapi sy tetap memilih "parti" itu. It's ancestral.

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